This blogging business is so new to me that I just have a hard time trying to figure out what to write.  Afraid to get too personal because a girl from work told me she did and it came back to bite her with her husband’s family.  However, I am feeling the urge to just get real here and tell the whole truth about my life, my upbringing, everything – warts and all.  It seems as though it would be theraputic if I do.  (Did I spell theraputic correctly?)  Don’t have time to grab the dictionary.  I think I’ll take the plunge and just start writing from the heart and be brutally honest here.  What do I have to lose?  My in-laws?  Sometimes I think that would be great – sometimes I think it would be tragic – depending on how well or bad the last visit went.  Thankfully they are in Kentucky and I’m in Texas.  I couldn’t handle them being in the the same state – I would Lose My Mind, and probably my marriage, in a matter of six months!  So, beginning with my next post, I will get real about everything and deal with it later if I am found out.