I have to start by saying that I LOVE bringing my children to their little league practice six. days. a. week!  Seriously, I thought it would be a pain in the butt, but it’s not.  It is a chance to get out into the fresh air, practice a little before the real practice begins, and socialize with other team members and their parents.  The problem is the one little brat on each and every team – you all know I’m telling the truth.  Every team seems to have one.  We got one whopper of a little butt head on one of our teams, a little boy we will call Brat Boy.  He doesn’t stand in place, he dances; he doesn’t run, he dances and rolls across the field; and he is quick to point out EVERY little shortcoming that he considers a flaw in his teammates.  He is bratty, has no sportsmanship, and actually throws the bat and stomps off when he strikes out.  He loves to tell the smaller children that they are “little” and that they will never catch a ball that he throws to them.  Then, of course, he tries to knock their hand off.  He is such a brat!  His parents seem to be oblivious to his ways, but not the coach.  He calls this kid down on almost a daily basis.  I’m just waiting for one of his flying bat fits to end with a child getting hurt.  Parents – if you have a bratty child like this one, keep him home and teach him some manners before you bring him out into the world.  Nobody likes this child, which is such a shame because he really is a cute child – until he opens his mouth!