Okay, I am the ROOM MOTHER of my first grader’s class.  So here I am, almost seven months into the school year, and the end is just getting in sight, and I can’t take it anymore.  I HAVE TO COMPLAIN!  There are 22 students in this class – I have asked for money on three occasions – teacher’s birthday, christmas present for teacher, and teacher appreciation.  Each time I asked for three dollars (that’s $3.00!), and I asked well in advance, at least 10 – 14 days, and I even sent home a nice note on colored paper each time.  Did I get donations, you ask.  $12.00 for her birthday, $12.00 for Christmas, and $18 for teacher appreciation – and that is including the three dollars for my child.  Do you even need to ask who REALLY paid for these presents?  And that’s not the worst part.  The worst part is that the teacher collects the money and sends it home to me, so she knows exactly how these parents feel about giving a donation for a gift to show their appreciation for all she does for their little darlings (not!).  Now to what is really bugging me.  This weekend is our carnival.  I have to work our class booth MOSTLY BY MYSELF for six hours because only one parent offered her help, and she could only help out the first and last hour of the carnival.  How about that, twenty-two children, times two parents each, equals forty-four parents – and only one could give an hour to the class booth.  And to top it off she just moved here and is new to our school – by only three weeks!  Forty-three parents have too much going on to pull their heads out of their ass for even one hour to help make money that goes towards the betterment of their child’s school.  What a shame.  I have sent a note asking for help, the teacher sent a note asking for help, and every week for a month a note has been included on the bottom of the Week At A Glance asking for help.  NO CALLS!  And we wonder why we can’t keep good people teaching our children.  Maybe if parents would get more involved and help out the teachers would have a better working environment.  I can say, that after three years of children in school, I have been on EVERY class trip, attended every class party, donated food to every school function, and helped out in any way I could.  And I never waited to be asked – I offered.  More parents need to do the same and they would realize that school would me a much better place for their children.  Children of parents that are involved fare much better in school than students whose parents can’t even name their child’s teacher – that’s a fact!  Walk into a class party and you will see that those children who are smiling the biggest are the one’s whose parents are attending the party.