I am getting a TUMMY TUCK Wednesday!  Yes!  Can’t wait!  We are leaving today to go to Louisiana for a few days – birthday party for the grandson (2 years old), niece (17 years old), and sister (34 years old). Then spend a couple days clearing out a piece of land we bought with dreams of building a house and retiring there one day.

For now we are going to clear the land and make it (hopefully) look like a park with fruit trees along the back.  Oh, it is quiet large – 2 acres with 250 feet of road frontage and a ravine that runs along the length of the back and along the right side.  We will NEVER have neighbors behind us or beside us.  Can you say privacy!  Love it!

Wednesday morning I am going under the knife to get all this extra stuff off my stomach and legs.  I somehow grew a foot of extra skin on my lower stomach while I was pregnant with the two little angels and it just won’t go away.  The rest of me looks fine – but the lower tummy is just too much for me to live the rest of my life with.  Besides, I deserve it.  Like I told my husband, he has two healthy, beautiful, bright little boys and not a single stretch mark to show for it.  I got stretch marks, 18 months of pregnancy, 12 hours of labor for the first, 32 hours of labor for the second, two c-sections, 18 months of breast feeding, a foot of extra skin on my lower stomach, and about fifteen pounds that are hanging on for dear life.  I think two things:  first of all, he got the better deal, and secondly, I deserve this!  Okay, I TELL him he got the better deal.  That is just for a little extra umph when I am justfiying spending all this money on a non-necessity.  The real truth is that I think I got the better deal.  I was the lucky one who got to feel life inside my body and love these little beings before I even got to see them or hold them.  Men got ripped off for never getting to have that experience.  But let’s not tell him that!

So, off I go to get my brand new tummy!  I am about to wet myself I am so excited.  Wednesday seems so far away.  Everyone says it will be painful and all that.  I say that after the results my doctor seems to think I’ll have, I can endure anything for a week or two.  It will be well worth it.

Well, gotta run.  I’ll post again as soon as I am up to sitting at the computer for a few minutes.  Talk to ya then!