Don’t get me wrong, I’m still glad I had the operation, and I know that in a couple of weeks or a month I’ll be singing like a bird, but right now I can honestly say this is painful.  It is Tuesday morning and I had the operation last Wednesday, so this is six days of pure pain.  Yesterday I took a shower and it took an entire hour then I was so exhausted I needed a three hour nap just to get over it.  I’m not kidding girls, this is no walk in the park!  And talking makes you get out of breath for some reason.  It actually feels like you are sucking in your stomach with all your might and talking at the same time.  Try doing that for a few seconds and you’ll see how quickly you will get out of breath.

Our land is coming along great.  Once we got the underbrush out I was able to see, for the first time, just how big it is.  We really got a nice piece of land!  Now I am anxious to one day move out there.  But I know that will have to wait.  Hubby has to get himself aligned in his career, and that doesn’t include St. Francisville just yet.

Well, I’m getting tired again.  I think I’ll go lay down.  I’ll post when I’m feeling better.