Well, it’s Friday, and just this past Wednesday made two weeks since my tummy tuck, so I’m 16 days in.  Boy do I look great!  I feel great!  I am SO GLAD I had this operation.  Thumbs up all the way.  I only wish I knew how to put pictures in my post so that I could put before and after pics. 

Just in case someone out there is reading this and wondering if they should do it, let me tell you a few things.  First, it hurts like hell for the first seven or eight days.  You are grey for a few days, then you turn a shade of white.  I mean it, it is a wierd looking white color, like you are devoid of color.  Then you wake up one day and you look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you look like you again and your color is normal.  That is when you know you are on the road to recovery and that you have turned a very big corner.

Second, it does hurt bad.  I’m not going to candy coat this.  It hurts!  Now that that’s said, let me go on.  Looking back on the whole exprience, a mere sixteen days into it, I can say with great honesty that the pain was worth the outcome.  In fact, the outcome far out weighs the amount of pain I experienced.  It’s just like giving birth in a way.  (Don’t freak out, I’m not saying this is anything as joyful or wonderous as bringing a baby into the world, I’m only comparing the pain to the overall experience!)  So what I’m trying to say is that it is sort of like giving birth.  You are in dire pain, you feel like you screwed up royally by getting pregnant because now you are in the midst of the worst pain you’ve ever experienced and you are only dilated 3 cm, and there is no stopping this freight train, one way or another, you will pass that nine pound bundle of joy and the pain is getting worse by the minute.  Then, when it is all said and done, you have your baby and somehow the memory of the pain is still there, but the intensity seems so much smaller.  That is the same with this surgery.  You stand in front of the mirror and look at your new body, and somehow all the pain you know you went through doesn’t seem that bad anymore.  It’s just a memory.

Third, you do get a brand new, very improved body.  My sister summed it up when she took her very first look at me two days ago, which was day fourteen, and said that I got my twenty-year-old body back.  I had never thought of it that way, but she is correct.  I look the same now as I did when I was twenty.  Girls, I’m going to be 40 this summer!  I went from 149 lbs. to 133 lbs. in a matter of three hours.  I went from a size 10 (and some 12’s) down to a size 6 in a matter of three hours.  I went from feeling okay about myself to feeling great about myself in a matter of three hours.  My husband looks at me the way he did when we first married.  Now tell me this all wasn’t worth the amount of pain I went through – and $10,000 dollars!

So, do I recommend it?  You bet your sweet ass I do.  I would recommend it to anyone who is considering it.  In fact, if I were rich and money were no problem, I would pay for all of my friends to get it.  I’m serious, anyone I know who would want it could have the surgery on me.  I would love all of them to feel as good about themselves as I do right now.  In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say that any woman who has had all of her children deserves to have this surgery.  Any woman who basically destroys her body in order to give her husband children deserves at least this in return.  So girls, go to hubby tonight, place his beautiful children in his lap, look him in the eye, and tell him you want one thing in return for giving him his little darlings, and that’s the opportunity to get back what you had!  And good luck, I hope your husbands are as open-minded as mine.